What is a Game Tag?

Andrey -

Game Tag is a unique combination of numbers and letters that allow us to determine one character from the other. Every time we need to run a check on your character, send you a transfer token or reward you, we use your game tag to find you.

The tag consists of your nickname, the number sign ( # ) and six random numbers and letters, for example:


Note that the most important part of the tag is the one after the number sign. There can be hundreds of characters called Vladimir, but only one of them will be marked #9FmH03.


When you contact us using in-game form ([Report Problem] button in the [Settings]) the game adds your tag to the message automatically. If you contact us using any other mean of communication - from your mail form, in Google Play, Facebook or anywhere else, you need to specify your game tag separately. So we recommend to keep your game tag written somewhere in your notes, because sometimes it can be impossible to access it from the game.


NEVER post your game tag out in the open where anyone else can see it! Only in Private messages to us or in e-mails. This is necessary to keep your account safe.

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